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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

PASSION, PERFECTION, & PLEASURE Hello Everyone! Angela Evans here,’s Pastry Chef. I wanted to blog about this year and how it’s half way over! I can’t believe it! Time flies when you’re having fun. That’s what my dad always says. We are having fun here... read more Catering

PASSION, PERFECTION, & PLEASURE We have been catering events and weddings almost every day since March. We are truly blessed to be so busy and happy. Our June 6th wedding was so perfect, our entire staff did so fabulous. We passed appetizers and then opened up... read more

Alex City Wedding

PASSION, PERFECTION, & PLEASURE I haven’t had much time to blog because we are been so busy with events and catering, Life is so beautiful and we are so blessed to have such an incredible following to be able to cater for such beautiful people! This weekend... read more

Chef Bob’s Trip to Isanbul – Turkey

PASSION, PERFECTION, & PLEASURE This is but a brief description of my time in Istanbul, it would take many more pages to reflect the awesomeness. I am so very privileged that,inc. could send me to this experience. I was invited to Istanbul by Mr. Young... read more

My All Time Favorite Meal

PASSION, PERFECTION, & PLEASURE When I was a young girl, around six or seven, my father had a restaurant in Oneonta Alabama called The Chocolate Cottage! My beautiful mother and him had this dream of a place with a tea room and teacups and a case where they could... read more

San Francisco

PASSION, PERFECTION, & PLEASURE Hello everyone!! Angela Evans here back from San Francisco and finally blogging. The weather in San Fran is nothing like Birmingham, it was always sunny, zero clouds and NO humidity, that defiantly makes a huge difference when... read more

Growing Up in a Bakery

PASSION, PERFECTION, & PLEASURE Hey there!! My name is Morgan Clennon, I am Chef Bob’s youngest child out of the four mentioned below! Ive always been the kind of person that loves history! Anything from war history all the way to the history of how a... read more

Hello Everyone!

PASSION, PERFECTION, & PLEASURE This is Angela Evans here the pastry chef, daughter, sister, and friend with Our family owned catering company has been running since before I was born in 1987…our father Chef Bob has been my mentor, hero, and yoda... read more